Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely Day

If I were the kind of parent who goes for cutesy names, wouldn't that be a great name? "Hi, this is my daughter, Lovely Day. And her sister, Holly Day. And this is my son, PTO."

Going to meet up with one of the RIDs (random internet dudes) for breakfast in downtown Baltimore. According to Google, it will take me a half hour to get there, which surprises me. It took a little over an hour to get to DC last weekend and I didn't suppose I lived this far from downtown...but clearly, I do.

Yesterday's adventure was marvelous. We each bought some nice yarn with which to make stuff and things. And several of us are going to make Citron from our acquisitions. Donna and Veronica have both already made one apiece, and Donna has cast on another one using Zauberball, which is what kicked off our road trip to PA.

More later...I must go throw on something suitable for breakfast in the big city.

Hugs and kisses, all y'all!

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