Thursday, April 15, 2010


That is my version of HGTV. I started looking at houses in the area as a lark, mostly. So many cute places! Porches! Fireplaces! Yay!

And then I saw a couple of houses that were more, "Hm...I could probably live there..." and eventually, that became, "Why not?"

After a disastrous breakfast with one of the RIDs (a gentle hint: please do not run your finger around your plate and then lick off the syrup...omg, we're in a restaurant and that is so not hot, I don't even know where to go with that....), I went to an open house.

Cute little place, but waaaay too much back yard and need for updating. And then, I drove by the little place that I am calling Wisteria Lodge.

Wisteria Lodge is a Sherlock Holmes story and I do love Sherlock Holmes, especially as played by Jeremy Brett. But that has, aside from the name, nothing to do with this house. If you look at the photos of it on my flickr page, you will note that it needs some fixins. Ayup. Floors need to be redone, especially upstairs where it's just linoleum tile. The attic is unfinished; I do not think one is supposed to see each nail holding each bit of new roofing material sticking into the attic itself, but I may be wrong about that. Only Anna (a friend of mine from work whom I brought along) could stand upright in the basement, where the washer and dryer are located.

But it's very charming. The neighborhood is nice and it is completely landscaped. It comes with a riding lawn mower (hehehe) as well as a push mower and the storage shed in which to keep such things.

It also has central air. Wheeeee!

I'm going up to the state line early Saturday to look at a couple of houses up there. As one of my Wednesday knitter friends commented, they are both near the deer processing plant.

How convenient.

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  1. Ohh, lovely wisteria. It's a shame they attract so many bees, or my eventual house's yard would probably have three or four bushes, at least.