Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goat House

I've been calling it "Goat House" because the yard seemed so huge from the photos online that the only way to deal with it would be to borrow goats from one of my knitting friends and stake them out here and there.

Turns out the yard isn't quite as huge as all that. It's big, but it's not scary-big. It definitely is more yard than I would like, but I can pave some of it in the time honored Hawaiian way. ;)

I met the current homeowner and two of her little cherubs. She's a bright, happy person who bought the house from a spinster lady who grew up in the house. The next owner will be the fourth owner in the past 100+ years. That's pretty cool.

The only real issue is that the front of the house is sagging slightly and I would prefer it be bolstered up somehow. And yet, I was so enchanted that I didn't take any photos while inside.

Otherwise, it's in good shape. The kitchen is great! There isn't much living space on the first floor, but it has a huge basement that I could stand upright in and a finished attic.

Currently mulling it over and planning to see a couple of other houses, too. I don't want to jump on anything. I figure at this point, I won't sign anything in time for the $8k tax credit anyway, so no rush.

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  1. The pics on facebook reminded me of an old victorian house. Nice house Tracy! OO maybe you can have an owl or two roost out back? Then it would be Owlchick's Hootin Hot House --- ok it would be even without the owls roosting because the one and only Owlchick would be there! :)