Saturday, April 24, 2010


Houses are buiildings. Houses aren't always home.

I would not want to live in the house beside which someone decided to sit on the curb and gulp down a handful of little alcohols, without even recycling their empties.

Random notes to people selling houses:

Do you own the world's biggest dog? Perhaps you should scoop up your yard before a scheduled showing, even if your yard is a concrete and dirt enclosure.

And maybe put away the world's biggest doggie water dish while you are at it. (And this wasn't even in the same house mentioned above!)

Maybe you could also sweep up the dead carpenter bees from your enclosed sun room, rather than have me ask you to do so. Maybe.

All those home shows that talk about de-personalizing your home are right, especially if your taste in decorating with photos includes photos of JFK that were put up while he was still a senator. Just sayin.

All those coconut husks drying in the basketball hoop aren't quaint; they are weird.

Tidy up your yard!

Invest in a good air cleanser. Or open some windows before the buyers get there.

Just some friendly tips from a prospective buyer that got a little worried at some of the houses today!


  1. The things that people adjust to are just amazing, aren't they? I don't think that the sellers weren't neat, I think that they were just so used to their surroundings being that way that they forget that others aren't. But I agree with you, they should be more careful about cleaning up before a showing.

  2. when we were moving and having to sell a house - my Mom use to get a bottle of apple juice and add cinnamon and cloves to it then heat it up a little while before buyers came in. That way the house smelled GOOD and homey. We'd also go out and see a movie so we didn't linger about while they were looking. And oh yeah we cleaned up after the dog :)

  3. Always bake some bread or cookies right before buyers get there.