Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Days in the Big City

Nice thing about the East Coast is how close everything is, in relative terms. Hence, when my high school friend Kurt let me know late on Friday that he'd be in DC, I arranged to take Monday off so that I could drive down there and spend a couple of days playing tourist with him.

We had a great time getting caught up on each other's news, as well as wandering around the Mall so that I could see all the memorials that I'd never actually been close to before. The only monument we didn't get to was the Jefferson Memorial, and that's mostly because it was swelteringly hot and I was developing blisters from all the walking.

And once again, everywhere I went, I was gleefully reliving moments from Fallout 3. Muahahaha!

Kurt remembers peculiar details of stuff that happened to us back in the day. For example, we were at the Viet Nam vets' memorial area, and one of the statues depicts a soldier holding an M-60, which sparked a memory for him. While I don't remember the episode, Kurt mentioned that while we were at a JROTC Spring Camp one year, he and I were in the same group firing M-60s, and that I'd apparently tried to load the ammo into it incorrectly. When he told me it was backwards, I took the ammo out (he says), and jabbed it into his hand, telling him to load it himself. Or something to that effect.

Which, I am sad to say, does lend credence to his account, as it is exactly the sort of thing I'd do. =\

I'm uploading photos from the weekend on Flickr now. Need to edit them a bit, as there are something like 50 shots of the ground as I attempted to get a good photo of a cute squirrel, and stuff like that. I'd include photos in this post, but apparently the interface has changes on blogger, and I'm too tired to wrassle with it tonight.

I was really sorry when our holiday ended so quickly. Kurt flew back to Hawaii today, and I went to work as usual. The cats were happy to see me when I got home tonight, and I'd missed them, too. Still, it was a nice get-away, so close to home, and yet so far away!

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