Sunday, August 15, 2010


Behold! I finally finished my Citron shawl. I started it in April from the laceweight Zauberball I bought when our knitting group went on a field trip to Sweitzer's in Pennsylvania.

And I finished my Mad Color Weave socks, which I also started back in April. House-hunting and moving took all my energy. It's nice to finally feel like sitting down to do some actual, factual knitting.

Still have a few things to wrap up at the old apartment, then I'll be completely in Hampden Place. That'll give me more knit! Yay!

Yesterday, Ellie and Jim had a little get-together at their house. I played Rockband 2 for the first time since I left Seattle (and I still suck at it), plus a couple of other games. I miss game nights. =\

Chandra, one of the Wednesday knitters, is in town this weekend, and so a few of us got together this afternoon at Judy's house. Another lovely day of socializing with friends.

And that's what I like best about living in Maryland: friends. Yes, I still miss Candyce, and my little cherubs, but I have friends here, too. Huzzah for friends!

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