Sunday, August 22, 2010

One More Week!

Nothing like procrastinating, I tell ya! Wheeee!

One more week of renting the old apartment. I spend most of the day there, scrubbing floors and putting cute little vacuum stripes onto the bedroom floor. There's still some stuff there I need to pick up, and then vacuum up the living room, but then I'll be done with it.

The forecast today was for thunderstorms, but I sure didn't experience any. I spent some time with my coffee and a new sock project, hanging out in the front parlor. The chair Jeannie gave me is comfy and cozy, perfect for knitting while watching traffic go by. I installed a door sweep on the front door to keep critters and stuff out. Then I came upstairs to put together a nightstand I bought last month. It's been in pieces all over my bedroom since it's been too hot upstairs to work on it.

So hot upstairs, in fact, that it asploded the battery in my wall clock. =\ Ow!

Not having bits of wood all over the floor any longer does make the bedroom open up more. I have lovely original pine flooring in here, as is the case throughout most of the house.

As the weather starts to cool, my fretting turns to heating Hampden Place. All I've heard is how expensive it will be since I have an oil heater. That makes me very sad, as I don't know what to anticipate, and am not looking forward to bills of over $300 a month to heat the place.

Clearly need to knit more hats and wraps. But first, more socks!

New project is actually a repeat of my first sock project: Twitterpated! It's well-written, quick to memorize and knit, and is just flying off the needles two-at-a-time! I cast on late Friday night, and even though I was busy nearly all day Saturday, I got far enough along that tonight I was able to turn both heels and move on to the gussets. Whee! I love this pattern =)

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