Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stolen Moments

I am using unsecured wifi. There are three different connections around Hampden Place, and I've used them all.

In the kitchen, it's Neighbor Belkin. He only keeps his wifi on in the morning, with occasional, random evenings. Upstairs, I can choose between Neighbor Linksys and Neighbor Netgear.

Howdy, Neighbors! Thanks for being so understanding as I download games via Steam! I'm trying to keep my usage to the middle of the night to not slow down their own use, but I'm imagining that Neighbors Linksys and Netgear don't actually do much but check their emails and maybe play Farmville or something.

I wonder how far away these folks actually live from me. All of the signals are "Poor," although every so often Neighbor Linksys pops up as "Low." Currently observing Fallout 3 downloading on my poor connection. I have about four more hours left. Or six. Or three. It changes every time I check. Mysterious!

Anna and I hung out last night. She graciously helped me wrap and schlep glass blocks from the apartment over to Hampden Place. We walked down to the Ave and had dinner at a little Italian place, cruised a couple of shops, and I bought a print to hang in my bedroom. This possibly means no yarn for me at today's outing, but I really liked the image; she's going to preside over my bedroom eventually. For now, she's on a bookshelf in the living room, getting to know me.

Later today, going to PA with Kate and several of the Wednesday knitters to Sweitzer's Country Store for her sale event. We are following that up with afternoon tea at Serenity Station. And to further my caloric demise, will then go to Brown's to get cookies as big as my head. Yay!

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