Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tea Time

Poor Kate. Yesterday's tea was a disappointment for her and her lovely Britishisms. We were served two different teas in pots, neither of them English tea; we had to ask for refills when we'd drunk them both. And she had to ask for a cup of black tea with milk... and they brought her half and half, with her tea in a mug. =)

The food, however, was yummy. Since two of the knitters didn't show up, and I'd already reserved all our slots, I ended up bringing home their "leftovers" and had them for supper, and will have another serving for lunch today. The food was good, the desserts were nice. But the lack of real tea was a surprise, even to me. I mean, the meal was "tea," so one might reasonably expect good old English tea at least as an option. It's not like it's any more expensive than what we were served.

In any event, we had a blast! Catherine, Kate, and I met in Hunt Valley and carpooled merrily into Pennsylvania. Sweitzer's is a cute little shop, I believe it was once a butcher's, with a couple of the most well-insulated rooms I've ever seen. Tables were filled with a wide variety of sale yarns, and Heather is a sweet lady; she's a treasure.

I bought a couple of skeins of sale yarn, plus a circular needle organizer for all the various needles I now have around the house. Yay!

We ended the trip at Brown's, home of cookies the size of my head. Enormous, cakey, soft, buttery discs of pure joy. Mmmmm!

What's that? Ooh, a cookie and some scones are calling my name. Guess it's time for breakfast!

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