Saturday, November 27, 2010


Got my last shipment of sock club yarn the day before Thanksgiving! This box contained the September skein (that the post office ate), the November skein, and the bonus skein.

I am tickled since it is based on the game I suggested: Space Invaders!

And I've already wound up the yarn as I would very much like to knit a pair of bmp socks. Muahahahaha!

Meanwhile, however, I've been finishing up hats for various gifts, going over to feed and play with Moe (Christina's cat), and mentally rearranging furniture here, all the while feeling blech because my right ear hurts.

I'm going to have myself a cuppa tea now to warm up my tonsils. It's 61 degrees inside Hampden Place, which might not be helping my ear any, but I fret over the cost of heating. I'll save my heating budget for when Chris is visiting as he has no extra fat like I do, and will feel the cold even more. =)

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