Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow at Hampden Place

And not a photo to show for it! My camera battery is recharging. But, glancing out the window, I suspect there will still be stuff on the ground tomorrow morning for a bit of a photo shoot!

It's pretty!

Although, I did have a bit of panic when I had to go around the block tonight to find a parking spot. There are streets designated as "snow emergency routes" here that means you can't park on them if it's snowed. They plow those so emergency vehicles can get around. Fortunately, my street isn't one of them, but displaced parkers from elsewhere have come up the hill, it seems!

After a tour around the block (none of the cross streets were salted or plowed, I might note), I found a spot right across the street where someone had just left. Yay!

In other news, I announce my retirement from knitting for others. Sort of. I'm going to knit a scarf for Jose because a) he asked a while ago and ordered the yarn, and 2) he's so appreciative. But no knitting for others! None! :) Especially not for those who come to me today because it snowed to ask me to drop everything to knit a hat for them, offering to bribe me to stop knitting my Xmas gifts just so they can cover their head.

I mean, really? And don't try to flatter me that you've come to ask since I'm the "best" knitter in the office when you've probably never really seen anything I've ever knit before. Srsly. No.

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