Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Adorable Neti

I love my little Neti pot. It looks like this one:

I bought it after catching an episode of Martha wherein she has someone demonstrate it live. Looks hilarious! But I always wanted to try one, and this video definitely encouraged me to give it a go.

Let me tell you what: whenever I don't use it at the first signs of impending colds/allergy attacks, they knock me down for several days. Since I've started using the thing, I'm usually back on my feet in a day. Mind you, I still feel somewhat meh, and I might sound horrible, but I feel better.

Any time I mention it and my listener says, "Oh, but I do use my Neti pot!" and they're sick for days, I get the feeling that perhaps they are using it as a paperweight.

Yesterday, I commented to my co-worker Eric that they may be addictive. I've caught the local plague, and have been using the Neti pot every morning. I don't think you're supposed to use it multiple times a day, but boy, I sure want to!

If you've never used one, seriously, it's the best thing since brushing teeth in terms of hygiene!


  1. Ever since my last cold a few months ago, I've been contemplating the Netti pot and keeping my eye out for them in stores. Haven't encountered one yet so will probably have to order it off the internet.

    Do you use the salt? Does it work as well without the salt?

  2. You use salt with it; it draws moisture into your sinuses to help keep them hydrated. I don't use fancy water, just from the tap. It depends on the water where you are, though. If it's chlorinated heavily, you'd want to let it sit out or it'll burn as it goes through.

    Try if you can't buy one locally. Mine was only about $10.