Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Snow, A Long Scarf

It snowed last night! No photos, but trust me, it's quite lovely to see the city street scene outside. Maybe 2, 3 inches total, so nothing at all like last year, but still pretty.

I'm propped up in bed (yay, real bed with headboard!), sipping tea, glancing out the window, and stealing wifi. My back is giving me some twinges and I'm not looking forward to taking the World's Tiniest Snow Shovel to the pavement before heading out to work.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a glance at what I finished yesterday: a scarf for my friend Jose! It's Knit Pick's Moguls Scarf pattern, in a luscious Malabrigo merino worsted. Nom nom nom!

He's such a knit-worthy guy, peppering his emails to me with exclamation points over how excited he is to see this scarf :D I'm currently using the remaining yarn to knit him a hat, too, because I love his enthusiasm! See, even I am moved to exclamation marks!

Last time I knit him a scarf, he bought me yarn to repay me for the time it took. This time, he sent me a Blu-Ray of Legend of the Guardians, which I know I'll love because it's full of owls :)

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