Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Snow

It's a light little dusting on the sidewalks and street. It's cold enough out there for more snow, but we are told it will change to rain.

A good thing, too, as several of us are making a road trip to Homespun Yarn Party at Savage Mill. I don't need more yarn (she keeps saying this), but I love road trips with fellow yarnies!

Kate's been dyeing yarn lately, and it's so cool to see how she's been progressing. She's got an Etsy shop set up now, A Hundred Ravens, so I told her she ought to come to the Yarn Party to see her competition :D

Weekend started off very nicely! I'd gone over to Christina's and we had sushi while watching Dr. Who. It's been a long week, though, so I dragged myself home after a couple of episodes. She's been introduced to the rebooted Dr. Who now, so I suspect she will be borrowing all my DVDs soon :D

Somehow while I slept, I did something to my shoulder, and it hurts to raise my arm or turn certain ways. Yesterday it hurt so bad that I ended up taking a muscle relaxant in the afternoon. It's worn off now, but I can't take another until after our drive to and from Savage, as it wipes me completely out. And I would rather be wiped out by fondling precious handpainted, handspun yarns than by drugs today!

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