Monday, March 28, 2011


Cookie A.'s socks are gorgeous things, created from eye-popping charts. Well, I am failing in my first O.W.L. attempt for the Ravelry Harry Potter group as I've decided not to finish my Cookie A. Stricken sock.

At least, not yet. I bought the pattern last year and it is one that I want to do, but the deadline is looming and I've made mistakes in the cables that I just don't like. If I'm going to do these socks, I want to do them right and that means taking my time with them.

Instead of killing myself to get them done and then hating them every time I wear them, I decided to set them aside to do a bit of knitting I really want to do. I'm making Candyce's Tree of Life socks in absolutely scrummy purple Miss Babs, as well as a light purple Rock Creek Yarn that I picked up yesterday at the Homespun Yarn Party.

You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to not be stuck with Stricken right now. :) I knew I was not going to finish them when it took me an hour to carefully color-code the chart and make sure I had indicated which symbol did what to get the heels done, then realized I'd color-coded the wrong rows. Le sigh!

And so, I slipped Stricken onto dpns to use those needles on Candyce's sock. It'll be fun to do this pattern for her!

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