Friday, April 08, 2011

You Spin Me Right Around!

That's the song the little birdies chirped as they circled my head the other day when I hit the ground ass-first.

It was not a graceful vision.

But, I am now on new muscle relaxants that purported do not make one drowsy, or so my doctor says the pharmaceutical rep told her. I'm not sure about the drowsy stuff, but it does make my head spin a little about an hour after I take it. That's its main side effect, apparently.

Possibly due to being unable to think coherently, between dizzy and a painful place, I had a lot of trouble knitting since landing on my butt. I hope this clears up as I need to make more progress on Candyce's socks. That way, I can finish them up and give them to her when I go out there to visit in a couple of weeks.

Yay for visiting! Boo for dizzy-making drugs!

I also started, ripped, started, ripped, started, ripped and started a new pattern called Not a Drop. It requires a lot of concentration because it's difficult to repair any mistakes in a prior row, given that it's reversible. But I love how it looks, so simple and elegant, and this yarn (an Ella Race Lace Merino that Kate bought for me last year) really looks gorgeous in it.

I hope my mind clears up some. I hate being woozy and wobbly.

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