Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going Visiting :)

I'm going on a good, old-fashioned one-week holiday! Yay!

My destination: Chez Candyce and Kevin, where I will get to snuggle up in "my room," fold laundry, and relax a bit while finishing Candyce's socks.

They are coming along gorgeously. Jeannie graciously helped me at knitting night last night, advising me on different ways I could do the heel so that it comes out evenly (unlike the heels on the first pair I made). I'll work on that this weekend so that when I'm in Seattle, all I'll need to do is finish off the foot to fit Candyce perfectly.

No photos yet, as I want her to see it in person in all its glory first :)

The loudest birds on the street visit the church across from me. They arrive around 5AM and stay there till 6:30AM. I could sleep in my back bedroom instead of the front one, but I generaly like listening to street sounds. I mean, why live in the city if the noise bothers you, no?

My back still bothers me and it pisses me off. I'm on more ibuprofen than I've ever taken for such a long time. The doctor is easing my mind on that by running a blood test to make sure I haven't overdosed on midichlorians or something. And I'm on Skelaxin (aka, Skeletor), which does not make me drowsy.

Listen to how quiet it is now. Only cute little songbirds are still outside my window. Every so often, a car goes whooshing past. I can hear a large truck rumbling a couple of blocks or so away (maybe the fire trucks getting ready to roll or something).

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