Wednesday, May 07, 2014

2014 Maryland Sheep and Wool

The weather was glorious for this year's Sheep and Wool festival! Bright, mostly sunny, and relatively low humidity. Whee! If only MDSW had this weather every year. :)

I entered three handspun skeins, and my sample pair of Aqueduct Socks this year, and the socks and one of my skeins won ribbons!

This is a little over 2 ounces of buttery fiber from Kid Ewe Knot in Pennsylvania. Veronica gave the roving to me for Christmas, and I've loved every minute of spinning it. I hadn't yet finished the remainder when I needed to choose what to enter, so the rest is waiting to be joined with this winning section.

Lovely, lovely stuff. Highly recommend the fiber, if you can get your hands on some!

And then, Aqueduct Socks! Squee! I almost didn't enter these as I had made a mistake on one row of the eye of partridge heel, but grabbed them from the table on the way out the door anyway. And lookee! Second Place! The judges comments made me happy, as they commented specifically on how nice the stitch pattern is. Yay!

Since my Aqueduct Socks won second place in the Maryland Sheep and Wool commercial yarn sock category, I’ve put the discount code MDSW2014 on them for 50% off through May 10th. Click through the link on the sidebar to get straight to the pattern store.

My knitting sister Catherine and I had a great time, browsing all the vendors, and then snacking on some funnel cake. I bought a bunch of fiber, including my very first "unprocessed" bits from Feederbrook Farm so I can try my hand at totally preparing wool by myself. Gulp! Good thing the weather's nice. I am totally washing and rinsing it outside.

Anyone else go to MDSW? Share thoughts on your favorite fiber festival!

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