Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Knit, Frog, Knit! Ace!


I've been working on all the designery things lately. Knitting samples, ripping them out, poring over stitch patterns, doodling on graph paper....

And playing a lot of solitaire on my phone. O.o

The nice thing about solitaire is its simplicity. After I uninstalled Candy Crush, I wanted something easy to play while my mind's inner gears dealt with the math-side of knitting. Solitaire totally fits the bill as your visual brain bits identify the cards, your physical brain bits manipulate the movements, and your satisfaction brain bits ka-ching every time you make a successful play.

Meanwhile, your knitty brain bits percolate. What if I added cables? What if I did this stitch totally differently than it appears? What the heck do these instructions mean, slip 2 stitches then slip them back; why not leave them alone? Why?

One of the patterns I'm working on is for Kate's fiber company, A Hundred Ravens. We'd worked on it together, brainstorming in fits and starts, before she moved back to Massachusetts. Now that a couple of years have passed (cough, cough), and I feel a bit better, I decided to tackle our shawl once again.

It's truly a thing of simple beauty. Here's an old photo of my Wee P'shawl test knit because I love how it turned out in its tiny mock-up. So cute!

Am also working on socks, naturally. :) I love this sort of work, mindless and mindful. Solitary. Solitaire.

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