Saturday, June 21, 2014

So Many Deadlines!

It seems everyone's preparing for their fall and winter collections, which means there are multiple deadlines for me to juggle with what design I want to submit where.

I've been quite excited recently by this whole submissions thing. So much so, I had to put all the dates into a Google calendar to remind me when I need to actually send things off to the various publishers.

Feels a little unreal sometimes, scribbling notes, sketching stitches, thumbing through my collection of stitch dictionaries... as though I'm a "real" designer. And yet, I am! And also, so new with it!

Tomorrow I have to put together a submission for a pair of socks, which I hope will work out well. I'm planning to use a combination of cable stitches, and those always leave me cross-eyed. Wish me luck!

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