Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Going on a Road Trip!

My dog Kitty and I will be on the road this weekend, heading up to New England for the Fourth of July. We'll be staying over at my friend Kate's house, which is always fun because Kate, her wife Becca, and their little cherubs are marvelous.

I expect to eat too much food and laugh very often!

I shall also be stopping by the Goldings' workshop to pick up my Midnight Sky travel spinning wheel. The image to the left is of my Midnight Sky drop spindle, which I also love. See the teeny little owl perched in the tree branch? Naturally, I had to have it! :D And when I saw the travel wheel... well, nuff said! I worked out a budget and got that one too.

While away, I plan to finish knitting the edging onto my P'shawl, and then also finish the pattern destructions. I'm also working on a sock pattern for some lovely, scaly socks. Rawr!

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