Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Journey to the Northeast

After work, I packed Kitty up and we headed toward Massachusetts, home of my friends Kate and Becca, their adorable cherubs and kittehs, and their business. My first patterns were created for A Hundred Ravens yarns, and I'm still creating things for them as time allows. Indeed, my first shawl pattern is destined to become part of a kit for them!

Kitty took to the long trip rather well. We stopped at a really nice Red Roof Inn (I know, right? But this place had just been renovated, and the staff was super friendly) the first night, and then continued our trip at a leisurely pace the next.

I love spending time with Kate and Becca. They're both so warm and welcoming! Lili helped me walk Kitty around the neighborhood, too, which was nice as I've never walked a dog anywhere but by my own home. We all gossiped, giggled, and had a wonderful time!

As I was "in the area," I decided to pick up my new spinning wheel, a beautiful Midnight Sky Golding Travel Wheel, with exquisite hand carving and finishing by Seth Golding. It's a bigger version of the Midnight Sky ring spindle I already own, and so gorgeous. The wood has a soft, silken finish and delicate glow, and spins silently, only the faintest whir like an owl on the wing.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Her name is Sky, and she will preside over my living room.

Kate had dyed some superwash merino fiber, but wasn't happy with it... but I was! And am! I've already spun up the first 4-ounces of colorway TARDIS, which you can see dangling from the wheel. She also let me take home another 4-ounces of TARDIS, as well as another bundle in a lovely green and grey.

She also convinced me to do another pair of socks for her, so I will be jotting down a pattern which I had meant to release for myself, but I adore Kate and would do anything for her!

Also got to bring home so lovely, lovely Aesir and Danu in my favorite colorway, White Witch. I cried when I first saw it as part of her sock yarn club a couple of years ago, absolutely in love with the simplicity of the white and pale ice blue. I'm glad she dyed more for me, as I was torn up about using the one skein of Iachos I had to do my shawl pattern with. :D Now I can hoard two skeins of this color instead of just one!

We drove home, Kitty and I, after a relaxing holiday where she was so well-behaved and I was so giddy with happiness! Good friends will do that to ya... all the giddies!

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