Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sock Wars V

Sock Wars has begun. Photo is from last night, before I went to sleep. Socks are currently double that size, but something has happened to the little memory card adapter thinger on my laptop, such that I cannot upload photos so easily. Instead, I had to use the camera in the laptop, which doesn't adjust easily.

My victim lives in New Jersey; my assassin lives in the UK. I think I can get off one kill before I am killed...maybe. Apparently some folks are having issues with the set up on Magic Loop for this particular pattern as there's an SSK at the end of a needle. Not a problem in general and especially not when using DPNs (which I'm not)...but two-at-a-time means I shall have to fiddle around a bit when I get to that point since there's a couple of points along the way where I can't slide a stitch from one needle to the next.

Which is gibberish to non-knitters :D Hahaha!

In news anyone can understand, I finished my Spot Check socks on Thursday night, weaving in the loose ends just before midnight. They're incredibly comfy and really cute! I think I shall make another pair, using a different constrast color than black. The next bits of color on the Mini-mochi yarn are cool colors of blue and green and I can't wait to use the rest of it! It was fiddly to work with, like a thin roving, but so soft.

Anyway, coffee is done and I must return to battle. Adieu!


  1. Explain this Sock Wars? You knit socks to take out targets before someone else knitting socks takes you out?

  2. Man, I may not have gotten a kill off, but I sure as hell got a good death.

  3. Love these socks. Methinks I shall have to dig up some of that yarn somewhere...