Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Socks! Owlsocks!

Is there anything cuter? Owlsocks, with bonus rounds of acorns, such that the owls on the feet ended up peeking out of my maryjanes, as though I had planned it!

Chris will be coming for the holidays, surprise for me! Well, not so surprising, since he invited himself over and needed to make sure I'd be here (and able to arrange tickets), but I wasn't expecting to see either of the cherubs, so YAY! I want to show him off to all my knitting peeps!

It's gotten much colder. So cold that I turned on the heat. Each time the furnace thing goes off in the basement, I can practically see dollar signs working their way through the radiators. =\ Right now, the temp is set to 64 degrees, so it's pretty cool inside Hampden Place. But at least I have two furry kittehs, a lovely down comforter, and lots of knitting to keep me warm.

Especially cute owl socks! I want to pick out different yarn and do them again!

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